Our business sector encompasses R&D, production and design office activities.


« Today we are able to design and manufacture connected objects that are 100% Intitek »

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Director of the Intitek Manufacturing division, Christophe is a graduate of INSA Lyon. Occupying this function since 2008, he is passionate in his management of what he terms the “Geo find-all” part of the company.

He divides his days between the management of an integration site where small- and medium-sized series are assembled and a pure design activity.

In the plant located in Décines, in the Rhône département, machines destined to test a new generation of intelligent alternators are manufactured. These universal 100% Intitek machines incorporate the very latest digital technologies and are capable of recognising and then testing the alternators and starter motors of some 200,000 car (or lorry and bus) models. But that is not all. Also designed and manufactured here are parts used in home automation and air conditioning systems that improve the comfort of persons and the security of homes. Henceforth, digital is present in most of the machines. Whether it concerns the design of ultra-secure software to control the adjustments of an airline aircraft wing or the production of a customised test bench for fighter pilots’ helmets, each project is both stimulating and passionate. And the challenges are huge: installed since 2014 in Toronto, then in 2017 in Shanghai, the Intitek Group is already marketing certain of its machines in North America and in Asia.

His ambition? “Enter the second generation of connected objects with the creation of intelligent and useful models that are 100% Intitek”.

« When Europeans starts selling machines to the Chinese, now that is exciting! »

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Working in sales within the Group since 2012, Michael has responsibility for the international development of products designed and manufactured by Intitek.

A graduate in engineering from ECAM, he added a business specialisation to his curriculum to satisfy his taste for challenge and travel. He is a frequent traveller to North America and Asia. “We already have good representations in Europe, especially in Poland. But the American market is mature and this is why we set up in Canada and on the US east coast, to go face to face with our main competitor!” But what is most exciting today for this forever travelling salesman (the trade fairs are held all year round, in Chicago, Las Vegas, Dubai, Mexico, etc.) is Asia. India, but also and above all, China where Intitek is now installed. “At the outset the Chinese are slightly curious to meet us, you need to break the ice and prove yourself. But what really surprises them is our quality of service”. In the specific sector of test benches for alternators, Michaël’s objective is straightforward and precise: become the world leader. This is why the Intitek Group opted to back a high performance and active R&D policy, in order to create machines that can evolve, are accessible and easy to use. Even if each one henceforth integrates genuine complex database ecosystems. The story has only just begun.


Discover our test benches for alternators and starters.


Happy Digital Solutions


A design-build team for very high level projects.


Production and integration of products for the automotive and aerospace industries and for personal comfort and safety.


Designing and manufacturing of new generation test benches for the automotive and aerospace industries.


A highly innovating design office that enhances the digital performance and functionality of products and objects.


Research and development focused on the creation of useful and intelligent connected objects.


A cell 100% dedicated to digital transformation and IoT 2.0.


An activity involving the production of test, control and maintenance machines for aerospace and defence.


Designing and creating digitised industrial tools for cutting-edge industries.


Electrical engineering, electronics and data architecture, a review conducted prior to each project.