Information technology

Digital transformation
Our business division dedicated to digital solutions that supports companies in the consulting and development phases of web and mobile applications and connected objects.


« Young engineers must want to move around and exchange. At Intitek, movement is permanent »

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Director of Digital Operations with responsibility for the Rhône-Alpes region, Anthony has an atypical career path: after graduating from Polytech Clermont in 2006, he started his career within Groupe Mulliez and worked for Décathlon. But he quickly moved over to digital and took charge of a multimedia BU for 5 years in Paris, before returning to Lyon. It was there that he met the founders of Intitek, with whom he shares many values, not the least being gastronomy!

“We are like-minded people with the same passion. There is less hierarchy and more exchanging, the stimulation is permanent.” Today Anthony oversees a team of 150 consultants in the Lyon region, working primarily for key accounts. His motivation? The diversity and wealth of the client cases. Every day he tackles problems related to banking, insurance and also health and e-commerce. His passion? Educate the market and support his clients in their digital transformation. Because he himself finds it difficult to sit still, he is convinced that tomorrow’s developers and engineers must not be afraid of moving. Good news: at Intitek, movement is permanent.

« Because our environment is especially competitive, our consultants are very well looked after. We systematically offer them the possibility of selecting those missions that suit them best »

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Director of the Intitek for People subsidiary, Jérôme manages a team of nearly 120 persons based in Paris. For him, human values are primordial. This is why his recruitment strategy is founded on the defence and promotion of differences and diversity. In the end, his culture is based on exchanging. “Our determination is to build and maintain something positive, both internally and vis-à-vis our clients. We even started an Intitek football team which regularly plays against the teams of some of our clients”. Whether he is advising clients in e-commerce, the media or in gaming, Jérôme’s obsession is always the same: “Place the user experience at the heart of the reflection, then of the design”. Increasingly seamless and attractive, the sites and applications developed by Intitek are above all adapted to the real requirements of the users, users that the Intitek for People subsidiary takes care to understand and know well in advance of most of the projects. Big Data, Chat Box, connected objects, etc. Each day Jérôme mobilises his teams on issues that are increasingly stimulating both intellectually and technologically.


Happy Digital Solutions


Tablets, mobiles or IoT, an inventive and fun way of learning on a daily basis.


Creative digital tools and solutions to facilitate learning at schools, universities or anywhere else.


New applications in the games and entertainment sectors for the public at large.


Digital solutions that rise to the challenge of accompanying and supporting dependent persons.


A service dedicated to the specific problems of e-commerce and the associated transactions.


On-line reservations, remote transactions or on-line comparators, reliable and high performance digital tools.


Digitalisation applied to the specific requirements of the general public and institutions concerning the health care sector.


Digital solutions destined to facilitate and simplify digital exchanges in the banking and insurance sector.


Applications, software and digital creations adapted to robotics, telecommunications and mobility.