Engineering sciences
Our business line includes activities mainly related to the automotive, transportation, energy, health, telecommunications and defense sectors.


« Every morning I meet passionate people who are improving the daily life, health and safety and security of people in very varied sectors »

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Director of Operations in Paris, Florian joined Intitek in 2010. On graduating from INSA, this general engineer was seeking a cross-functional position that could be part of an ambitious innovation movement. “That’s what I found at Intitek: an adventure that is at the same time human, professional and technological”.

What motivates Florian is above all the profile of his clients, for the most part large industrial operators. Whether they are active in the sectors of defence, railways or bio-medicine, they all need highly innovating and, above all, customised digital solutions. To maintain the effervescence and stimulation at all times within his team of 125 consultants, he organises regular technical workshops which “strengthen the feeling of belonging to the brand and enable incredibly rich exchanges to take place”. At present his division is working actively on projects associated with connected objects in cars and, by extension, in trains and aeroplanes. But what pleases him most is to know that he will soon discover sectors that he doesn’t yet know. A chance to meet other passionate people who improve daily life for the greatest number.

« While languages are changing and systems are being miniaturised, software platforms are embarking on a process of radical change »

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Director of the Toulouse and Montpellier agencies, Pascal is also in charge of the Intitek Group complex offers. Nicknamed “the pioneer”, in an earlier professional life he undertook the installation of the first work packages in the world, notably for Thales. “Today Intitek is placing very high level complete teams in France and internationally, primarily for large groups”.

This is why Pascal stresses the need to be surrounded by engineers who not only wish to rise to the major challenges but who, above all, are capable of moving abroad. “We are witnessing the globalisation of services at our clients’, they are looking for teams capable of managing whole sections of their activity”. If there is one person able to design an aeroplane from A to Z within the Intitek Group, he is that person. Before finishing his career Pascal may well take part in sending a team to Mars. In any case that is his aim.


Happy Digital Solutions


Development of innovating digital solutions in the health sector.


Strategies for protecting populations for the military industry, the fight against cyber crime and equipment for security and safety.


Engineering specialised in energy management and respect for the environment.


Prototyping, software, tools and machine design for all types of transport.


Automotive, optics, defence, space industry… a very high level innovating approach.


The art of assembling high performance data systems to connect man and technology.


Specific expertise and skills in light control.


The guarantee of traceability and data management in complex environments.


Fast and 100% secure exchange systems.