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To succeed, the digital revolution must benefit everyone.

Ethical Charter

Here are our commitments in ethical matters.

Environmental charter

Find out here our environmental commitments.

ISO 27001 certification

Intitek has obtained the prestigious ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification.

Intitek wishes to affirm its commitment to ethical behavior in the conduct of business, and details with this charter the rules that are binding on each employee within the framework of his daily duties and activities so he/she can act and make responsible decisions.


Intitek is committed to respecting the principles of non-discrimination in all its forms, and in all stages of Human Resources management such as recruitment, training or professional promotion.

Thus, all employees must be treated with respect, regardless of their hierarchy, the functions they occupy, their age, their sex, their religious orientation…

Convinced that diversity is a real factor of collective enrichment, Intitek is also committed to promoting professional equality between men and women.

To make this project a reality, a gender equality agreement was drafted in order to promote gender diversity through women’s access to all positions in the company and enabling each employee to reconcile their professional and personal lives to the best of their ability.


Regarding hygiene and safety, Intitek is committed to analyzing and preventing any risk that may arise, regardless of the workplace. This concerns projects and activities carried out in our offices as well as those carried out at our clients’ premises.

We are committed to providing the appropriate equipment and skills for any activity involving clothing, protective gear or training.

Concerning the confidentiality and professional/personal data of each employee, Intitek is committed to ensuring the security for both our employees and our customers.


Intitek is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Our policy mainly focuses on waste management, improving air quality and raising employees’ awareness of these issues.
In this case, all employees can consult our environmental charter during their integration but also throughout their career at Intitek.


Intitek undertakes, through supplier charters, to comply with international and national standards relating to:

  • Fundamental human rights, in particular the prohibition of the employment of children under the age of 15 years and any form of bonded, forced or compulsory labor
  • Embargoes, arms trafficking, narcotics trafficking and terrorism
  • Commercial trading, importation/exportation license and customs
  • The health and safety of staff and third parties
  • (at work) Immigration and the prohibition of clandestine labor
  • Economic offenses, including corruption, illegal capture of interests, extortion, misappropriation of public funds, crime of favoritism, fraud, trading in influence, breach of trust, abuse of the property or credit of a corporation, counterfeit and use of forgery and all related offenses
  • Fighting against money laundering
  • The right to competition

In the context of the execution of all the contracts that bind us to our customers, we undertake in particular not to:

  • Pay, promise to pay or authorize the payment, directly or indirectly, of any sum of money intended to induce a person to perform or not perform an act of his office, mission or mandate, in violation its legal, contractual or professional obligations
  • Participate, knowingly, directly or indirectly in money laundering activities

Lastly, Intitek undertakes to respect its duty to inform and alert, by systematically declaring civil, criminal or administrative convictions as well as any form of transaction inducing an acknowledgment of guilt or commission of facts of which we would be aware for facts relating to non-compliance with standards.


Intitek is committed to developing and sustaining an environmental policy.

Through this voluntary commitment, the group intends to limit the impacts of its activities on biodiversity and natural resources.
This approach is based on an expectation of our customers, our employees and the industrials sites on which the company is established. Waste management, air quality and awareness are the major axes of our policy.

In concrete terms, our commitments are as follows:

  • Respect at least the legal and regulatory obligations, as well as the other requirements applicable to each of our activities ;
  • Promote more environmentally friendly policies to effectively manage our environmental impact in waste management and air quality ;
  • Educate and train our employees about environmental issues and effects associated with their activities ;
  • Federate our partners (customers, subcontractors and suppliers) around our values so that they contribute to their scale to the preservation of the environment ;
  • Monitoring our advancement in environmental impact and constantly strive to improve our performance in this area ;
  • Communicate our objectives and progress to all our internal and external stakeholders.

Intitek has obtained the prestigious ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification and thus enters the very small circle of fewer than 300 companies in France, all activities combined, whose information security management system is certified.
This certification validates the information security initiative launched in 2015 for all companies in the group and guarantees the integrity, confidentiality, availability and traceability of all data that Intitek handles for its customers and for itself.

All our activities (Technical Assistance, Activities with commitment of results …) are now certified IS0 / IEC 27001: 2013.

Our employees, who all support the approach, benefit from ongoing trainings on secure software development to take into account the security constraints in the projects that our clients entrust us with.

In the current context of growing cybercrime, this certification demonstrates Intitek’s ability to anticipate and provide solutions to increasingly complex market issues.

Health and safety policy

Find our Health and Safety commitments here.

Quality Policy - Manufacturing

Our manufacturing activities have been certified ISO 9001 – 2008. Find here our Quality policy.

Quality policy - Services

Our services activities have been certified ISO 9001 – 2008. Find here our quality policy.

Intitek will respect the following commitments concerning Health and Safety:

  • Intitek has to analyze and prevent any risk which can occur prior to start working in any working place.
  • This concerns the projects and activities done in our offices and although our projects and services done on the working areas of our customers. We have to write a risk prevention plan after analyzing the main risks within the working areas of our employees.
  • When our customer have their own health and management system, we read and sign our customer’s health and safety prevention plan and ask each employee working in our customer’s working areas to follow the health and safety policies given by our customers.
  • Any Work where protective clothing and equipment is compulsory has to be done with the relevant equipment.
  • Any work where a specific training or diploma is needed has to be done by an employee trained and certified.
  • Any employee has to respect national and regional working rules: employee must be employed regularly and Intitek commits to respect the maximum daily and weekly working hours including mandatory days off, annual paid leave and paid overtime.

These rules apply for Intitek employees and for every employee working for us.

The Manufacturing division has had its business activities certified ISO 9001-2008.

Intitek has always led a business strategy that allows it to be a recognized supplier, for small and medium series, in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering and control-command systems. In addition, the Manufacturing division develops an offer of products such as industrial robots and test benches.

Through the respect of regulatory and legal requirements and the processes of our Quality Management System, we ensure the satisfaction of all our customers, whether external or internal to the company, as well as our employees.

Our commitments are defined by:

  • A product finish recognized by our customers, guaranteed by:
    • The experience of our employees and their knowledge of Intitek for Manufacturing products,
    • A demanding control policy where every finished product is tested before shipment.
  • A relationship of long term partnership and customers listening that allows us to set up:
    • A continuous improvement of our products taking into account the evolution of their needs,
    • An efficient and competent after-sales department.
  • Finished products delivered as soon as possible,
  • The development of specialized and identified know-how based on the experience and skills of each employee,
  • The constant implementation of strategic choices guaranteeing the sustainability of our company.


Intitek has seen its consulting activities be ISO 9001 – 2008 certified.

As such, through compliance with regulatory and legal requirements and with the processes of our Quality Management System, we ensure the satisfaction of all our customers whether external or internal to the company. Indeed, our quality policy favors the evolution and the blossoming of our consultants, as well as the satisfaction and the taking into account of our external customers’ requirements.
Beyond the mere compliance with standards, we are committed to a listening and customer satisfaction process, in which each employee is involved.

This approach is based on our technical and human qualities, all of which focused on renewing the trust of our customers, in order to:

  • Improve our competitiveness while ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Optimize our operation.
  • Maintain control of our business line, and anticipate the needs of our customers by offering them skills adapted to their business, as well as innovative solutions that provide them with productivity gains.

We must listen to our customers but also to our staff. Maintaining team spirit and dialogue, which contributes to good responsiveness, is the strength of a company of our size. For the benefit of all, it is important to:

  • Maintain and develop the level of competences of all our employees by ensuring that their level of competence matches our customers’ requests through trainings and relevant recruitment;
  • Listen to everyone by establishing a close follow-up between the employee on mission and his management.

We give ourselves the means to pursue our development with the aim of:

  • Develop our key expertise.
  • Adapt our business model to the constraints of the market.
  • Develop our capacity of anticipation, our reactivity and our agility.

We are counting on all Intitek stakeholders to apply the provisions contained in the quality documents and to propose any action necessary for the improvement of the system.

Our belief

Happy Digital World

Digital is everywhere today and for this very reason it is quite simply indispensable. So much so that it inspires as much hope and promise as suspicion and fear.

This is why Intitek campaigns and strives daily to offer and develop creative but controlled digital solutions, adapted to the real needs of a modern society constantly seeking performance, comfort and security. But what could be more stimulating than to participate in the design of a connected object capable of making life easier for a dependent person?

What could be more exciting than to contribute towards widening access to knowledge through the creation of a highly innovating application or software program? Each engineer working for the Intitek Group is aware of the extent to which their designs and contributions can help improve the daily life of individuals in fields as varied as health, robotics and aerospace.

At the same time, in a world where data are exchanged at the speed of light, the fight against cyber crime is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Whether this concerns the complex problems associated with the armed forces, business intelligence or just protecting the data of the public at large, the Intitek Group supports leading international public or private stakeholders in the industrialisation of digital solutions that guarantee the security of everyone.

Smart factories, individual comfort, resource management and controlling energy consumption: each day the HAPPY DIGITAL MEMBERS of the Intitek Group register their individual or collective approach in the pursuit of harmony and balance between the new human requirements and the necessary preservation of our planet.

For a beautiful and safe world,

and for an even better life…

Welcome to the era of the happy digital world!